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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that has followed and subscribed to my blog!

I have been taking it slow today, I just got off work and thought I would give an update along with a thank you!

I’m working on a couple more blog posts, one is going to be about relapse so stay tuned for that, the others are just in outline stage. I also will be taking the off my blog here in the next few days. Thank you again to everyone, you are awesome!

Have a great sunday everyone!


Why is it so hard to stay clean?

I admit I know a couple of people who were able to win the battle of addiction and stay clean. They are part of a group that is very small in comparison to this epidemic. I want to focus on the majority of people trying to win their own battle. When deciding that this is finally the time to stop this addiction, you need to set up a plan that works for you. Unfortunately for addiction there really is no solid 100 percent plan that will help you stay clean. I personally think the best results are take parts of plans that have worked for other people and may work for you and try them out. You may need to adjust some things and some plans just might not work.

So why is it so hard for people to quit? Because it really is a disease!! There are some people out in the world that would laugh at this idea. They will even go a step further and say its all in your head. Please do not listen to these people, we have plenty of evidence and solid research to show it is a disease. Addiction involves changes in the functioning of the brain and body. These changes may be brought on by risky substance use or may pre-existed (Center of Addiction). In Harold C. Urschel MD. book called “Healing the Addicted Brain” he says

“The addicted brain is full of distorted and irrational thoughts. Part of this is due to the process of addiction, which physically damages the brain, and part of it is due to the practice of addiction, which requires isolation, disengaging from normal, healthy emotions, rationalizing, and developing mental subterfuges, all of which make it more difficult to think clearly.” (Page 29).

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May 18th 2018

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone had a great Friday! I went to work and was a very fast day for me, nothing special whatsoever. No thoughts towards relapse so it was successful!

What did I work on today for the website? I’m currently finishing up a blog about the governments inaction on the opiate crisis we are facing my thought and review on the plan outline proposed by the White House. This one will be posted here very soon, at least by the morning. I started another one about why its so hard to stop opiates. Here I will tell you my experiences what I did wrong and what I wish I knew.

Have a great night everyone and a even better Saturday.


Government Inaction

We heard a lot from our President that our government will take this crisis head on. The number one thing government should focus on is the pharmaceutical companies and how they flood towns with opiates. Of course everything I read on the plan our government left them out, since they give millions to both Democrats and Republicans.

What is part of the President’s plan?

  1. Stiffer penalties for high-intensity drug traffickers, including the death penalty for some.
  2. Education through advertising campaign.
  3. More funding from federal goverment to help combat the crisis.
  4. Programs that help people addicted find jobs while in treatment.

On the outside the plan looks very promising besides the death penalty. Lets dig a bit deeper into these ideas.

Death Penalty– This could make some sense but the fact it wont put those CEO’s from big pharma in prison let alone sentenced to death. Just focusing on the people illegally selling opiates is very counter productive. Why? Because a lot of people start using opiates that were prescribed to them. A lot of people sell the opiates they do not use and some cases sell their whole script. Doctors have been caught over prescribing in every state and alone this is a huge problem for our country. We are telling our next generation that it is okay to be a legal drug dealer just make sure you are a doctor. This is not to say no doctors have been penalized, they certainly have. It is very simple for those doctors to close up practice and move to another state. We need to find solutions that work not solutions that are hypocritical and very questionable. These companies that make and flood towns with opiates need to finally be held accountable.

  • Williamson, W.Va– Population less then 3200- Amount of opiates 20.8 million
  • Kermit, West Virginia- Population 400- Amount of opiates 5 million

These are two towns that I know of and sadly in the same state. Not every pill stayed in these towns but flooded nearby towns also. If companies are acting like drug dealers they also need to be held to the same standard. I hope in time that will happen but our Government wont do it, we have to make them do it.

Education through Advertising– If you are old enough you might remember the failed add campaign about Marijuana and other drugs. If you don’t, let me remind you.

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Intro May 17th 2018

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Addiction to Investing blog! Here I will post about my daily challenges as a former addict and my adventures into investing. I will also be adding in detail what helped me and what hurt me before I got clean. We as a nation need to take this opiate crisis head on and look for solutions in people that have struggled and that have succeeded. Most importantly we need to learn what really works and throw out what doesn’t. I hope my voice can be used to help and to educate people on opiate addiction.

Need help or suggestions on how to get through withdrawals? Please fill out the form below and I will get back immediately.

I will also be adding this type of form to my contact so everyone can easily access it. I want to be open and available to everyone with any type of problem because I can learn just as much from them as they can from me. This blog will be a more of a day to day on addiction that go along with a couple books I want to publish. There is a lot more to come and more content updates (besides daily posts). Please leave comments and suggestions on what information you like to see.

Thank you all,



UPDATE: Contact page now has Withdrawal section (I take this very serious)